Cinque Terre


The Cinque Terre, at the regional border between Tuscany and Liguria, are one of the most uncontaminated areas in the Mediterranean Sea. Five miles of rocky coast among two promontories, thousands of kilometres of dry-laid stone walls, five small towns castled up on stone spurs in minuscule creeks.

For their history and their position, the Cinque Terre have not suffered a massive expansion. The vineyards, typical of this area, have contributed to create a unique landscape with dry-laid stone walls, winding paths, enchanting beaches between cliffs and clear waters.

Cinque Terre offer beautiful footpaths with take breathing view, churches, oratories and old castles, diving, food and wines of first quality.

The Cinque Terre are National Park and UNESCO protected territory since 1997

Suggested duration: min. 9 hours

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